TSIA Research Indicates a major shift in IT to a Services Landscape


IT companies are experiencing dramatic transition and transformation as sales departments are going through a great period of change. This change is all set within a broader context that is impacting the whole industry. The world we grew up in was one where the IT department in every organization was responsible for buying highly complex hardware and software solutions and then managing this complexity using a combination of internal and external services… Read More

The Future of Manufacturing is Here: Notiphy Process Management & Connected Worker Platform


 Work Smart. Work Digital. Work Better. Increase your bottom line today. Notiphy improves worker efficiency and increases safety, quality and productivity, while providing managers with greater visibility into employee workstreams. Get the data you need to make intelligent decisions and improve margins and profitability.  The solution is an integrated performance-enhancing platform that deploys lean manufacturing principles through real-time, digital, on-the-spot content and workflow management. How It Works Automated paperless processes and communication… Read More

My Employer Merged (Was Acquired) What Do I Do?


JD Vaughn, Business and Personal Performance Coach and Recruiter If you just learned that your firm has merged and added dozens if not hundreds of personnel to the joined company, what do you do to protect your job, income and family? Hopefully you need to do nothing new. After all you have not just been providing engineering, technical, sales or marketing services for your employer; you have been building long term relationships… Read More

Have you tried REC.VC – the most affordable high quality Cloud Based Video Conference Recording?


Sign up for a free 14 day trial and experience how REC.VC is only one click away whenever and wherever you want to capture and share your visual collaboration. Bring Your Personal Video Recorder to Any Meeting Record and Share Video Meetings and Calls with Ease Increase the Value of Your Visual Collaboration (.VC) Record and Share Today Provided as a global cloud service, REC.VC makes it easy and affordable for any… Read More

AV Industry Veterans Partner with Field Nation to Offer Free Web Platform to Reach Remote Technicians

Field Nation Screenshot

Magrish International and Sage Research introduce Field Nation to the AV industry to help promote growth without adding personnel. February 3, 2015 – Field Nation, the leading online work marketplace for connecting people to get work done, announced today that it is partnering with Magrish International and Sage Research to help bring their services to the AV, communication and collaboration industries. Field Nation is a work platform connecting organizations with skilled, independent… Read More

How to Get the Most Out of Your IT Talent


As the spotlight on cost reduction has dimmed, IT has picked up plenty of new directives: to deliver business agility, drive innovation, and increase its value to the business, to name a few.

Why Tech Companies Fear the ‘Race to Zero’


As competition in the cloud storage market increases, companies are continually forced to cut their prices.

Vidyo and The Internet of Things

Vidyo were the original pioneers of software videoconferencing. Their technology enabled business class video over the public internet, which was unthinkable at the time. Today, we learn from Joan Vandermate how Vidyo plans to continue its legacy of leadership by empowering the “Internet of Things” with its impressive array of video tech patents.