Information Technology Consulting


Whether you are faced with addressing the rapid rate of business change, accelerating pace of technology decisions, improving customer satisfaction, the need for faster time to market or looking at the potential savings of consolidation, we can help. Magrish International features Information Technology solutions that range from strategic planning through software development, people, implementation and services to help you achieve your goals. Our partnership with Executive Technology Consortium gives us access to state of the art process and technology solutions.

Executive Technology Consortium provides individual senior consultants and consulting teams as well as Platinum Partner services across the entire Oracle stack from hardware, through software acquisition and licensing to deployment and managed services as well as. This combination allows us to offer our clients the skillsets and expertise to quickly solve today’s most pressing IT infrastructure and business challenges from Business Intelligence, through database to ERP and all of the integration layers in between. We know that you don’t have time to waste on complex deployments, day-to-day maintenance and management, or learning about the latest technology advancements. We’re here to help you leverage leading-edge technology to drive innovation and support IT transformation with proven processes that keep you moving forward without undermining operations or productivity.

Strategy Assessments – Technology or Service Layer

With the ongoing pressure facing IT from mergers and acquisitions, cost cutting and customer acquisition many IT Executives are looking for the optimum roadmaps for the future to deliver the best combination of services while managing costs. We can help with assessments to identify current state, future goals and to create roadmaps to meet them including technology, process, governance and staffing.

Requirements through Program Management

We deliver capabilities across the entire Software Development Lifecycle. We provide pre-built templates to help you kick-start your gathering and understanding of the needs of your internal and external clients. Then we follow up with architectural and design plans of what you need to develop and deliver, finally we help with the team needs and Program Management to guide you to obtaining your goals.

Cloud Exploration and Implementations

We offer End-to-end Cloud Services and support tailor-made implementations to suit your system and internal requirements. Cloud Services include public, private and hybrid cloud models, along with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings, to fit your business and IT objectives.

Big Data Choices

Our experts provide strategic guidance and direction in both Hadoop and Data Science, while working closely with our Infrastructure, Business Intelligence and ERP practices to provide comprehensive solutions.

Oracle Infrastructure Support

We deliver comprehensive Infrastructure Services to support the entire Oracle Red Stack, from Servers, Storage, Engineered Systems, Databases and Applications, to 24×7 Managed Services and Data Center Hosting. We can customize and optimize Oracle hardware to reduce inefficiency and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

We provide a full spectrum of Oracle solutions and services to help organizations build and enhance their Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing capabilities.

Oracle Architecture Optimization

The Oracle Architecture Services team helps organizations optimize and extend current technology investments, scale their architecture, reduce support costs and eliminate costly downtime. We leverage design and implementation best practices and proven methodologies to create outstanding, repeatable results for our customers.

ERP Applications

Our partnership offers proven expertise in Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards Enterprise One. This expertise allows you to deploy, upgrade, configure and integrate enhanced ERP functions across a wide array of modules and business functions.

Service Made Simple

The name says it all. “Service Made Simple” helps you ensure your customers are receiving the service that they want from IT with a simple pre-packaged approach. Not only will you know the expectations of your internal and external customers, you will know the impact to your organization of meeting those needs and be able to track metrics that actually show the value they are receiving.

Service Made Simple provides what you need to fill the gaps in your existing IT processes through an ITIL Lite focus without disrupting your IT delivery. We show you how to improve the satisfaction of your customer with little or no delivery impact with a customizable approach that is easily adopted to work well in your organization. So whether you are striving to improve your client relations and minimize Shadow IT, or ease the pain of your complex Service Model or ITIL implementation, achieve the benefits you expected from your investment in service support tools like Service Now and Remedy, Service Made Simple can help.

Service Portfolio Management in a Box

When you are responsible for improving your organization’s customer experience in a hurry, Service Made Simple has everything you need so you can move quickly toward the creation of an intuitive customer experience.

Out of the box we position a Service Layer around your current IT development process including:

  • Service Strategy including Requirements, Business Impact and Client and Market Research
  • Service Development Processes
  • Service Portfolio Management Processes
  • Detailed Procedures
  • Service Development, Support, and Operations Metrics
  • Service Portfolio Management Analytics
  • Consulting services for Customization, Training and Adoption

With Service Made Simple You can implement a Service Model in your organization with minimum disruption of personnel and without slowing down your product development pipeline.

We Offer Service Solutions You Need

From Help Desk Support to IT as a Service, from Service Model Integration to Service Performance Improvement, Service as a business model is the fastest growing influence on IT operations today. Gartner reports that 60% of all CIOs are shifting to a Service Performance Model and 15% more are considering doing so. Unfortunately, only 10% of organizations actively involved in Service transition report that they are actually achieving the benefits they hoped for. Common complaints are that the model takes too long and costs too much to implement.

Overcoming adoption and implementation obstacles is where our Service Quick Start Program shines. Supporting end-to-end implementation activities from Service Strategy and Design to Service Transition and Operation, this program is designed to get you to your business goals faster and with less disruption than any other Performance Improvement method we know. Ask us how it can work for your company!

Service Delivery Team

What’s a Service Delivery Team?

When implementing a new way of doing business, only the most seasoned professionals will do! Our Service Delivery Teams have been involved in ensuring the adoption of new business performance models for over two decades.
They understand every step required for the implementation of end-to-end business performance improvement and a service model that will be accepted in your organization:

  • Baseline Performance Assessment
  • Business Analysis & Process Engineering
  • Coaching & Training
  • Tools Analysis & Implementation
  • Business Analytics

When shifting from product focus to service focus, it takes an experienced Services team to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Benefits of a Service Delivery Team

Switching from a product to a service focus is requires an adoptable agile plan. Every Service Made Simple team is dedicated to finding the fastest, easiest way of Quick Starting your Service Transition project. Our goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible while achieving business benefits incrementally along the way.