Business Development


We help our clients grow through smart strategies that address top line revenues, improved margins, expanded distribution, product line enhancements and partnerships that get results. Our proven growth strategies focus on short and long term growth, capital improvement and sourcing, opening new markets, and management restructuring. Some of our clients grapple with driving growth in a new market, while others are looking for new avenues to increase market share in a stalled, mature market. Magrish’s market-driven growth strategies are the product of in-depth market research and strategy planning with management, marketing and sales teams. The right marketing growth strategy for your company is a function of your business objectives and resources and where you are in your market life cycle.

Unlike many of our competitors, we are challenging the conventional way technology companies think and operate. Our intention is not to flood the market with re-sellers simply to gain geographical coverage or distribution. Our partner recruitment strategy remains focused on quality over quantity ensuring you develop the right relationship to generate revenues. Our goal is to recruit partners that are well aligned with our client’s solutions and have considerable vertical market expertise.

Leveraging the right partnership can eliminate capital expense to launch new products and services, fill gaps and weakness in existing product lines at someone else’s R&D expense, and open new markets quickly.

Our business and channel development strategies get results. With a dedicated team of experienced channel management, sales and marketing professionals Magrish consultants develop the relationships you need to help your business grow!