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AV Industry Veterans Partner with Field Nation to Offer Free Web Platform to Reach Remote Technicians

Magrish International and Sage Research introduce Field Nation to the AV industry to help promote growth without adding personnel.

February 3, 2015Field Nation, the leading online work marketplace for connecting people to get work done, announced today that it is partnering with Magrish International and Sage Research to help bring their services to the AV, communication and collaboration industries.

Field Nation is a work platform connecting organizations with skilled, independent contractors anywhere in North America. With the reach of Magrish International and Sage Research, the Field Nation platform will extend to experienced AV contractors who are available, often within just a few hours, to complete projects of practically any level.

The AV industry has a particular need for this type of service as many of their products require knowledgeable technicians to install, configure and maintain communication and collaboration technologies that power modern organizations. This lack of immediately available expertise limits growth in two ways: They are limited in scale to the amount of customers they can service with their existing technician force, and they are limited in geography to areas where they have “feet on the ground.” By using Field Nation, the AV industry gains instant reach throughout North America, at any scale.

Field Nation service providers offer various skill sets and organizations are able to search and engage with contractors based on their specific needs. The Field Nation platform features:

  • Approximately 50,000 service providers registered on the platform.
  • More than 4,000 technicians with “Audio Visual” and related skillsets
  • 300 certified ProTec technicians
  • More than 1,300 Cisco Certified technicians
  • More than 200 Avaya certified technicians

Magrish International and Sage Research have an unparalleled understanding of the AV industry, and are ideally suited to help bring the benefits of Field Nation to communication and collaboration technology providers.

As J D Vaughn of Sage Research explains:

“Magrish International and I decided to partner on a premise that has unified us over the years; Let’s do what whatever we can to help grow our industry and support service providers, manufacturers and integrators. Field Nation will help us do just that.”

As part of this partnership, Magrish and Sage will work with Field Nation to provide Executive Briefings designed to help AV industry organizations understand how they can get started on their path to reduce staffing expenses, as well as improve their top line revenue by opening up new markets that they do not serve today.

“I was introduced to Field Nation more than a year ago, and have used the free service to find installers in remote areas throughout the U.S. with great success,” said Emily Magrish, President at Magrish International. “It is easy to use, and makes it possible for me to book revenue I would have been unable to otherwise.”

Field Nation

Field Nation is the leading online work platform for connecting businesses and workers. Global enterprises to small local companies use Field Nation’s self-service web portal to find, manage and pay contractors for any specific job. The platform enables workers to spend more time working and enables businesses to manage the right talent anywhere in the world, on demand. Field Nation has more than 50,000 service providers in its network and serves businesses globally.

Magrish Intl.

Magrish International President Emily Magrish has spent more than 20 years in collaboration. She started her career at ITC now a part of Intercall as head of Corporate Sales serving a Fortune 100 client base like Motorola, HP, GE Capital and others. While CMO of ACT (now part of Premiere Global), she was responsible for the company’s global sales and marketing efforts in 12 countries. She has created partnerships with companies like AT&T, Akamai, Tandberg and Microsoft. Magrish lists some of the top AV and IT Integrators and Service providers as clients today, developing channel and product strategies that deliver high margin revenue.

Sage Research

JD Vaughn is the Co-Founder and Chief Catalyst for Sage Research and has been a telecom and technology industry leader for over twenty years with leadership roles at AT&T, PictureTel, Accord Networks, Polycom, Radvision, and Vidtel. Throughout his career he has been challenged with delivering extraordinary results, without ordinary resources, for startup companies and startup divisions of large corporations.

For more information, please contact Emily Magrish at

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