The Future of Manufacturing is Here: Notiphy Process Management & Connected Worker Platform

 Work Smart. Work Digital. Work Better. Increase your bottom line today.

Notiphy improves worker efficiency and increases safety, quality and productivity, while providing managers with greater visibility into employee workstreams. Get the data you need to make intelligent decisions and improve margins and profitability.  The solution is an integrated performance-enhancing platform that deploys lean manufacturing principles through real-time, digital, on-the-spot content and workflow management.

How It Works

Automated paperless processes and communication increases efficiency on the manufacturing floor and provides a streamlined workflow for simple review and accountability. Create a Smart Workplace with a flexible software option customized for your business.



  • Labor constraints
  • Downtime and wasted time
  • Training and retraining time and cost to hire
  • Work-related injuries


  • Employee retention and ability to hire new employees
  • Productivity, product quality and profitability
  • Employee visibility and accountability
  • Safety and reliability

Everything about this platform is helpful – information at the source, the ability to get help without wandering around the facility and by allocating tasks to workstations and not just users, you get true process management and it can act as a digital job traveler.”

Steven Boeder , Director, Erdman Center at the Wisconsin School of Business

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